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To login to the PayPlus Client Area, you will need your username and password provided. This area includes downloads of updates, FAQs, Technical Documents, and access to your support tickets. Use the form above to login or Contact PayPlus Support to reset your password.

PayPlus User Conferences

We host an annual PayPlus User Conference that covers a variety of topics. We have vendors come to talk about their interfaces to PayPlus, mini-training sessions on PayPlus topics and we also have clients do presentations on topics pertaining to their (and your) business. The PayPlus User Conference is packed with information and you meet other PayPlus users that you can stay in contact with throughout the whole year. Stay tuned for more information!

Product Training Courses

We offer customized training to all clients. Our trainer will come on-site and train your users. This could be new employees or existing employees that need some brush up. We also offer smaller training sessions via GoTo Meeting which are one to two hour Internet training sessions. Contact Us for more information. If you or your staff need other training or want to cover additional topics, let us know.

Third-Party Vendors

PayPlus has a list of vendors that it works with for PayPlus compatibility. There are discounts from these vendors for being a PayPlus user and purchasing from them. In other cases, they have interfaces setup that work seamlessly with PayPlus functions. Click Here for their information.

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