Third Quarter 2006 Current Development Projects

Published on Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Third Quarter 2006 Current Development Projects

PayPlus is always striving to improve our products. We currently have the following projects in development with an expected completion date of 10/01/06.

Electronic Child Support File
PayPlus is developing a file that meets ExpertPay ( file specifications for electronically submitting child support payments. The intent is to create one file with all the child support payments listed and to which state they are reported. We will allow multiple orders on one deduction so that PayPlus will calculate the maximum allowable deduction however, there be an additional screen where the user will list all the information necessary for the ExpertPay file for each order. This will give the PEO the option of using one or multiple deductions for each employee. 

2007 EEOC Races and Categories
After 2006 EEOC reporting, there will be two new race codes and one additional EEOC category. To assist the PEO with compliance, PayPlus is developing a new report which will be printed for one client and may be run for just the changing codes or for all codes. This report will utilize the new client picker so you may pick one, many, all clients or companies. There will be space on the report to have your clients write what the correct code should be. The EEO-1 Survey form will be changed to meet the new 2007 guidelines. The employee master file will have the new codes available and all EEO reports will be simplified to two reports available from wherever you currently run them. . 

After 10/1/06
Health Savings Accounts
PayPlus will assist with your HSA administration by having a category in the deduction/contribution parameter which will allow the HSA to be sent via ACH to the individual’s account whether deduction and/or contribution. Both deduction and contributions taxability issues will be addressed. Credit back flags will be added for contributions.

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