The PayPlus 7.8.7 Update Release

Published on Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The PayPlus 7.8.7 Update Release 8/3/2011

The PayPlus Update 7.8.7 is now available from the downloads updates section.
Connecticut Tax update, effective 08/01/2011 is included with this release. Please see the PayPlus
7.8.7 release notes for details.

Update 7.8.7 is mostly a maintenance update with corrections to program errors introduced in update
7.8.6. This update includes all fixes in the 7.8.6KI. Prior to installing Update 7.8.7 you will need to
have installed Update 7.8.6. It is not necessary to install the 7.8.6KI.
Category Codes on deductions and contributions continue to be enhanced and corrected. This update
includes corrections to issues discovered where invoice billing limit overrides on FUTA and SUTA were not working correctly with reversals occurring in the override period. We’ve also added a deduction category “R” to assist in the processing of deductions on secondary checks.
Client Contribution overrides are now supported. Using the state unemployment cost and billing screen, miscellaneous contributions can be added (such as those used for FUTA surcharges) and can override the company cost and bill defaults.

Thank you,

The PayPlus Software Team

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