NG and SLS Product End of Life Announcement

Published on Monday, March 18, 2024


EOL Announcement Number: EOL2023-001

EOL Announcement Date: October 31, 1023

PayPlus Software, Inc. announces EOL and EOS of NG and NG Connect along with SLS Triad SQL and SLS DBASE. The milestone events, descriptions, and dates for these affected products are shown below. Customers with will continue to receive support from the NG and SLS teams, per the terms and conditions specified in the support contract.

EOLA-End Of Life Announcement-- The date this announcement is being made public-- October 31, 2023

EOS-End Of Sale--The last date the product will be available to purchase--October 31, 2023*

EOM-End Of Maintenance--The last date after which PayPlus Software, Inc. will no longer issue maintenance releases, bug fixes, patches, or updates. After this date PayPlus Software, Inc will no longer develop, maintain, or test the software. Minor Releases, Maintenance Release, and Patches will continue to be available through the last quarter of 2026.--Software Release Connect Version 1.946: October 18, 2023 SLS Version 6.346: March 31, 2023 Compliance updates will continue to be done thru EOL.

EOSL-End Of Support Life--The last date after which product Support will no longer be available. Support within the Support Lifecycle, but must terminate as of the EOSL date--December 31, 2026

End of Sale date will be effective immediately and not at a future date. These products were acquired by PayPlus Software in 2002. PayPlus has been supporting and keeping all Products compliant since the inception of the acquisitions. This has caused us to replicate all development and compliance efforts in each product. It has been decided to focus all efforts on one product PayPlus Software, which has the most features and integrations. There also have not been any new sales of NG or SLS since 2018.

PayPlus Software, Inc is accelerating the End of Support for these releases to 14 months due to the age of these releases and the immediate availability of converting to the PayPlus Software Product.


PRODUCT-------------------------------DESCRIPTION---------------------------------REPLACEMENT PRODUCT
NG | Next Generation Software-----PEO ASO Service Bureau software-------PayPlus Software
NG Connect------------------------------PEO ASO Service Bureau software-------PayPlus 360
SLSTRIAD SQL-------------------------PEO ASO Service Bureau software-------PayPlus Software
SLSTRIAD DBASE---------------------PEO ASO Service Bureau software-------PayPlus Software

PayPlus Software, Inc. encourages customers to contact PayPlus Software, Inc. sales representative to learn more about the replacement options and to hear upgrade offers and incentives that may be available. If you do not know your sales representative, please contact us at PayPlus Software, Inc. will offer managed product service support to assist in your upgrade and ensure service continuity.

Upgrade/Migration options: For upgrades from NG / SLS products. Please contact us and we can discuss the migration options, may require some additional steps in the migration:

Option 1 - Upgrade to the PayPlus Product - HOSTED
o Data Conversion between the products
o Access with Remote Desktop or directly over a VPN

Option 2 - Upgrade to the PayPlus Product - ON PREMISE - Managed Linux Appliance purchased from PayPlus Software
o Data Conversion between the products
o You purchase the Linux Appliance from PayPlus Software and PayPlus will maintain the server for you, including setting up a backup solution.
o Access locally via Putty

Option 3 -Upgrade to the PayPlus Product -ON PREMISE - On your OWN supplied by your company.
o Data Conversion between the products
o Access locally via Putty

Features included in all Migration Options:
PayPlus includes the features and functionality of both the NG / SLS Products plus there are many enhancements
o Performance and stability improvements
o Easy, customizable payroll imports
o Employee imports, new hires and changes from Excel
o Customizable checks and stubs which you can utilize blank check stock, stock in various sizes or pressure seal
o Ability to email the Check Stubs to the employees
o ACA Administration
o Setup, tracking and cost split of dependents on benefits
o Automatic, flexible reporting with the ability to output into Excel
o Time off Accruals that you can setup yourself
o Time and Attendance solutions
o Powerful Payroll Entry
o Customizable Client Invoice and Billing Formats
o Workers Comp Reporting
o Benefits/Deduction Reporting
o 401K reporting
o Gross-to-Net Reporting
o Profitability Reporting
o General Ledger
o Accounts Payable
o Time Off Accruals
o Accounts Receivable
o General Ledger
o Accounts Payable
o Accounts Receivable
o Flexible Direct Deposit Options
o Tax reporting module that produces reports and files
o Availability to use Master Tax
o Outstanding and Responsive Customer Service
o Much, much, more!

PayPlus 360
o Intuitive, mobile-first onboarding for an engaging HR compliance experience
o Next-gen web interface to meet modern user requirements
o Seamless transition from contract to client payment with minimal data entry
o Simplified online report writer for non-techy users
o Customizable reports tailored to client needs
o Streamlined online payroll entry, from basic to certified
o Easy time clock system integration with the option to add manual entries
o Flexible HR data field additions, eliminating the need for client spreadsheets
o Access client reports online, reducing the need for physical copies
o Powerful Payroll Entry
o Customizable Client Invoice and Billing Formats

Vendor Integrations

o Master Tax
o Health Benefit Alliance
o Elysian formerly LEVR Health
Time & Labor Management
o Sundial Time System
o SwipeClock
o AMG Time
o Kronos
o Time America
o And many more time clock systems. We can integrate almost any time clock file.
Reverse Wire Draw Down and ACH
o Kotapay
Recruiting and Hiring
o Clickboarding - White label Onboarding360
o Werkberry recruiting
o Wisely
o Multikrd -both Pay cards and Early Wage Access
W2, 1094/1095 printing, Promotional Products
o Solv
ERTC Credits
o Strategic Consulting & Forensics
Data Connector
o PayPlus Solutions / Insight e-Tools
Compliance & Mandatory Reporting
o RiskRT
o PayPlus Software - ACA
Coming Soon
o Equifax -The Work Number
o Online Benefit Enrollment to replace current product

For more information, please contact or contact the President of PayPlus Software, Inc. Susan Primrose at

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